Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year! (Wink, Wink)

Amazing how time flies. Cliché I know, but it’s 2012 already folks!

In the years leading up to 2012, we’ve managed to attain some lucky accomplishments.
Some unforeseen, and some quite a challenge to attain. The point is, we to continue to look forward.

So far,
100% of the offspring here have traveled to over 12 countries in their lifetime

75% of the offspring are now fluent in 2 languages (spelling however, is another story).

The other 25% of this offspring thinks he’s fluent as well

100% of offspring can dress themselves

0% can find the laundry basket

50% operate their own email account

75% of our offspring can ride a bike

50% can hula hoop for an extended length of time

100% are now potty trained (Whoo-hooo!)

75% are literate

50% can swim, well enough to join a novice level swim team

0% gave attained all adult teeth (50% have some adult teeth)

75% can play more than 3 songs on the violin

50% can cook a meal if necessary (a more palatable meal if supervised)

0% have obtained a driver’s license (thank goodness)

75% like salad, sans any chesse that's blue or green

100% have been trained to fold clothing and make beds (though about 25% only ever actually use this skill)

0% have obtained a high school diploma

100% can suck down an Italian gelato in seconds flat

50% can pack a bag for a camping trip or travel

100% can hop on one foot

75% can tie their own shoes

50% can tell time

100% are healthy and happy, which is a blessing on its own

25% can belch on command (Thank you dear neighbor, Mr. Jose, in Guam)

100% are capable of hugs and kisses on a sunny day

And now we‘re proud to announce that,

75% of the circus act can wink.

May you see an endless array of unforeseen and challenging accomplishments as well in 2012!

(Wink Wink!)

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