Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Can't Get It In a Book

 I love how the schools here take each class on monthly excursions. After all, there is a lot more to experience in life then what’s found behind school walls, and some of the best things simply cannot be read in a book. Addie’s most recent class adventure was to the Neanderthal museum, because the class had been studying ’early history’. Ok, wait a minute. I lied. I do love the class excursions, the experiences, and the rambling stories that arise from them. But what I love more, is that the teachers always email photos home from the adventure. Those photos help create a foundation and offer some explanation to the stories, but they also offer us a glimpse of what the kids are experiencing each month, outside the class. It’s amazing.

So in the Neanderthal museum, Addie was honored, she told us, to “carry the fire”. This was her favorite part of the day.

For me, this one- throwing a spear? Addie? Like a hunter? Holy cow- I can’t imagine the kids getting to do that on a class trip in the US. Someone might sue for tripping on a stone when they ventured outside.
 This one was wonderful too- because now she has no excuse when I ask her to peel the carrots at dinner. If she can peel them in a cave, she can peel them in the comfort of our kitchen.

The class learned how cave drawings were made, what they are interpreted to mean now, how the Neanderthals lived and died, and how very changed the world has become.
 Each class at school also takes a week away from the school together for a class trip. Emory’s class will go to the circus for a few days. Stella will stay at a farm. And Addie is prepping for her “Class de Mer” trip this month; when they will go to the Belgian coast to spend time learning about everything from the tide and currents, to weather, and sea animals. I never thought I’d encourage that sort of time away, but I actually find myself helping them pack. Not because I’m looking forward to having one less kid around the house for a week. (Well a little, maybe.) But really, because I know what an incredible journey they’ll have and how much they’ll grow from their experience away.

Time to go grab Addie’s suitcase….

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