Thursday, February 2, 2012

Restoration for Blog to Book

Updates for the blog have been a little slow lately. For one, it's cold outside and usually dark and overcast, which means the camera isn't getting it's normal lovin'.

But blog has also been slow because I've been trying to restore the years 2008 and 2009 back to their original glory. That's easier said than done. In short, computer crash, very sad and accidental hit of "delete" button by someone who will remain unnamed, and the loss of thousands of photos.

Luckily, Matt has a technologially savy friend at work. The friend has very special computer talents, which he uses for governmental purposes and also, to help complete computer idiots like us. This friend was able to dig deep and restore all the lost photos. We are still trying to figure out how to repay such a debt.

I decided that before anything else happened, I should get the blog into a hard copy- just for the sake of handing it down to the kids. So they remember that the Eiffel Tower is in Paris, and that they actually lived out their lives in Guam for a time.

I uploaded the undamaged years on the blog and sent them to print- without bothering to edit. I used this site- Feed Fabrik
Their editing is not great, as you're expected to do that all at the blog level. I didn't really care and just sent it to print without editing, but I must also mention that their customer service is amazing. Great folks. Hopefully I can get the old photos back onto the first two years and send for another two books. They provide a PDF version as well, which is fabulous.

In the meantime, 2008 is getting closer, but it's still a mess.

The photos were restored on the computer, but they came back in a complete disarray. It's as if someone took a box of 4,000 photos and threw it on the ground. Now I'm trying to pick up each one and figure out where it goes. A very slow and tedious process. Nevertheless, I think it’s completely worth it. For example, because of things like this....

Life just happens all too fast.
Back to work.

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