Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sledding in Brussels

Well, we had just enough snow to head out for a few hours of sledding. It was -9*C when we hopped on the hills. Obviously, everyone else felt it was warm enough to trade in the cold for a little time on the snow as well. The parks were pretty busy today.

 Emory, who only asked, um, let's see, about 400 gazillion times, to go sledding at the first sight of snow, completely imagined he was on the Olympic luge team. He took the snowbound adventure quite seriously. Meanwhile his little brother made this the first year to really join in and have fun (instead of stand at the top of the hill and cry). Arleigh had a blast. It must have been the pink goggles he borrowed from his big sis, that he wore on his forehead the entire time, that made sledding so fantastic. His sisters had more important events to attend and busied themselves at a birthday party for the afternoon.

 We weren't without tumbles though. There was hardly enough snow to speed down the hills, and every rock or stick made for big bumps. Conditions weren't exactly ideal but we didn't want to let an opportunity pass.

 Of course, there were no tumbles that a hot waffle couldn't fix. We could smell the waffle truck from way across the park. Only in Belgium could sled riding in below freezing temps smell so good!

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