Friday, February 3, 2012


A few snowflakes fell here today. A few. No. That’s deceiving.

It’s snowing in Belgium! Whooo-hoooo!
First order of business- catching snowflakes on tongues. 

We’ve waited a full year and then some for the white stuff and couldn’t be happier that it finally arrived. We’d almost given up hope.

Arleigh thinks because we have snow on the ground, Christmas must be tomorrow. He’s in for a downer tomorrow morning. Poor kid. 
We might even get enough to sled ride. So we will remain encouraged by the gradual accumulation and chilly temps. Meanwhile, the one who has been most quiet about waiting for snow; the one who has not breathed a sound of disappointment from our lack of fluff on the yard; the one who didn’t seem to care is now, by far, the most playful. That 'one' is Bernie dog. She’s bouncing and jumping through the new fallen snow and she could never be happier. It’s fantastic, amusing, and all too much fun.

Happy Snowfall!

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