Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Travel Photos

I'm in an organizing mood. Perhaps it's the cold outside (-12*C), or the reality that things in the next year are going to change drastically, but I'm trying to get the ducks lined up and life in order.

From scanning pages in recipe books, to organizing pictures and trying to finish photo projects I started eons ago, this seems to be the time to get work done. While going through some snapshots, yesterday, I decided to compile a list of "travel photos". After over 300 weeks away from our initial starting place, Norfolk, VA, and a multitude of travel in between, I have no idea why I never set aside travel photos before.

Looking at the pictures stirs a little sadness, as we will probably never set foot in some of those areas again. It also calls to light how very lucky we've been. Some families never even get to leave their hometown. However, travel has not been without its burdens or expense and has not always been easy. The choice to travel has not been an effortless path, by any means. Realize that superficially, the photos imply a life of leisure, but they have truly been paid for with sacrifice on several levels.

In some ways, perhaps it should be an ad for military families; "over 300 reasons to accept overseas orders". Surely there will be more travel photos to add this year, as there are several trips already planned, but for now, here's a peek at the list-

over 300 photos from over 300 weeks away...

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