Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Arleigh Experience

Before I go on (and on and on) about Turkey, I have to add to the list an ‘experience” which is not in of itself, linked to Turkey. I’m speaking of course, of the Arleigh experience. This 3 year old will give you a run for your money. Our friends referred to him kindly as "uh-somethin'-else"!
He tests us every. single. day. He’s the very reason we spent so much time in lines at the bathroom on our last adventure.

He’s messy.

He was asked over and over to pose with Turkish people in photographs, finding a level of stardom he’s never quite known. His hair was tousled all too frequently and he appeared all too shy at times.

He’s VERY unpredictable.
 (I mean who knew the kid would lick Tokapi Palace? Someday, he‘ll be able to brag- “Yeah, you saw the Palace but, I licked it man!”)

He's busy. Very busy.

If you're seeking adventure, try an Arleigh experience. It will promise to be a time you'll never forget!

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