Monday, April 30, 2012

As we headed to the playground, I was hoping to capture some photos with the kids. I mean, ME, with the kids. I have no idea why, but Mother's Day approaching, always makes me want to snap a photo with my kids. It's practically the only time I want to get in front of the camera with them.
Instead, what I saw through my viewfinder was something really special to me as a mom.
So, getting in front of that lens will have to wait this time.
What I noticed right through that tiny eyepiece was how very different my kids are. I knew that, of course. But it was SO blatant on the playground yesterday.

Emory- the cool, calculating, thoughtful yet innocently naive, but oddly well organized 6 year old boy, just trying to find his own place....

And Arleigh-  the funny, sweet, hair tousled, bumbling 3 year old who wakes me with kisses, consistently every morning (a daily highlight) and goes to sleep with 'bun bun' every night.

Stella- everyone knows Stella. The free spirit, risk taking, creative, strong, independent, out of the box thinker who just wants what she wants. She's an all or nothing kinda kid.

And Addie- wow. She's really growing up.

 Always thoughtful, helpful, caring. Teachers at school have even separated her from other kids because she was "so mothering to them". 

 Nope, I didn't get to capture them with me, but I feel like I captured something even better. The way they are right now. Their real image at that very moment.
Maybe next week will be the right time for pics with mom, but for right now, I'm just really happy to be mom to this group.

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