Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque, built between 1609 and 1616 in decorated in blue, green and white ceramics, all over. It's known to be the main mosque of Istanbul and together with its social complex, it happens to be one of the biggest building complexes in the city. The complex consists of the mosque, which is open to visitors except during time of prayer, the madrasahs, sultan pavilion, Ottoman bazaar, shops, a Turkish bath, tomb, fountain, hospital, primary school, and rooms for rent.  

We were chose to take Addie and Stella inside with us while the boys waited with our friends, who were getting started at lunch. We had to take off our shoes, (and use head coverings for gals), and I do wish I'd have had a second to take a photo of the complete chaos just outside the mosque doors with everyone scrambling to remove shoes and get heads under wraps. I was too busy myself, trying to be in compliance, to actually stop and capture the scene. So glad photography was allowed though. The blue light cast off of the tiles was truly impressive.

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