Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter Sunday

Was spent in Turkey with our friends. A country with a fascinating blend of culture, ethnicity, and religion; a unique and fascinating place, soaked in culture and customs stemming from Islamic, Christian, European, and Asian influences, spanning through a gamut of social classes, made for an interesting backdrop on Easter Sunday.
 The Easter bunny managed to find us, despite our travel. Traditional affairs continued, including painting eggs, egg hunting, bunny cake, and Easter baskets. We are so grateful to have dear friends to share holidays abroad.  It was a great time.

Once everyone was spiffied up in their Sunday's finest, we headed out.

We attended church at a Vatican church, where Arleigh, a bit tired from endless play, was sitting on my lap, yet taunting a man seated next to me. I’d apologize to the fellow. The man would assure me it was OK and that Arleigh was not bothering him. Then Arleigh would bump or nudge him again. Our routine continued this way during the entire church service. It wasn’t until the end of the service that the priest took a special moment to introduce, recognize, and thank dignitaries for attending mass. He included an introduction of the man seated next to me- the Ambassador to Chile and next to him, Ambassador to Korea. Arleigh had been kicking the Ambassador to Chile the entire service. Nice Arleigh. Way to keep up diplomatic relations.

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