Thursday, April 5, 2012


We had the pleasure of heading to Keukenhof in the Netherlands again this year. What a way to celebrate spring! Tulip fields filled with colors as far as your eyes can see and a park filled with a floral palate that would make Monet jump for joy.

We were with friends visiting from the US, and if I have a chance I'll add their photos later. For now, here's a snippet of the day.

Arleigh looks like he's wincing here, but he was actually hamming it up for the camera. Cheeky eh?
His sniffer was on overload, perhaps because he's at the most perfect height to check out the flowers. He reported  back that some flowers smelled like "cookie dough", "cotton candy", and the more obvious, "flowers".

I'm not privy to say who was more fascinated by the other- the swans looking at the kids, or the kids amused by the swans...

The weather was chilly and the sun stayed hidden. We've had a mild winter, but there was a lot of speculation as to whether all the blooms would be out. Was this in fact, the peek season and time to go to Keukenhof? Well, in fact there were some bulbs that had already shared their glory and others that were early bloomers.....
It's always a good time to visit Keukenhof!

We ended with a meal in Delft with our friends. The kids enjoyed Dutch pancakes topping their plates with an array of sprinkles and sauces, which was a lot of fun because it was Stella's birthday! It's safe to say she had a great time, as we all did.

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