Monday, April 2, 2012

Madame PeePee

I’m not really sure if I should be amused at this, or upset by it.

“WC“, a well known symbol to my children- the “water closet”, a.k.a.toilet, restroom, bathroom. We’ve schlepped to ‘em all between Rome and Sweden. I don’t think we’ve ever passed one up without someone in our circus act having to make use of it. If I had only logged the costs; we have probably spent an entire college education’s worth on toilets in Europe.
Wadda ya gonna do? When you gotta go, you gotta go.
Now, you see, our children play a lot of games that I wouldn’t have played, let alone dream up in my childhood. They play “airport” and pack up suitcases, make up passports, and pretend they are flying all over the world. They play market shopping, where they are in European markets and haggling over goods. (Goods happen all too often, to be my shoes). They play in other languages, primarily Netherlands and French.

But Madame PeePee?


(Another mom informed me that the water closet lady who sits there to collect your toll for doing business in public restrooms, and wipes the toilet with the same yucky rag, and makes sure there is always paper towels…that’s Madame PeePee. I never knew she had a name. huh. Madame PeePee.)

But now, Madame PeePee has taken over inside my house. The kids are playing “Madame PeePee” and trying to charge me 75 euro cents to use the very bathroom that I scrub and sanitize. Just who do these children think they are? (Though I find it quite an entrepreneurial escapade, I also believe that they are price gouging at 5 euro cents for children and 75 euro cents for adults.)
They will sit there for hours, with their rag ready to wipe the bathroom down, hand sanitizer, and a box of change. They beg for work, asking their little brother "don't you have to go? you should at least try!..."
It’s incredible. Or sad. Or incredibly sad. What have we done? Clearly these children are not right in the head.

Or…perhaps this is just what I need! Now, Madame Pee Pee can clean her own bathroom! Viola! That’s it! I’d say that’s a lesson well worth 75 eurocents!
As soon as I break the news, I bet there will be a bathroom waiting for me to clean and they’ll be back to packing bags and checking in for their next ‘play’ flight. Maybe I'll just let Madame PeePee hang around for a few more hours, until I've 'gotta go'.

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