Saturday, April 21, 2012

Turkish Food

Setting out to capture the trip to Turkey in photos was a challenge on its own. Most photos were taken on the run, corralling 8 children over urban terrain in a bustling city environment. The rain caused the camera to stay under wraps for periods of time. We had no control, of course, over rain or temperatures, both of which seemed for a time to work hard against us in Istanbul. Plenty of pixels were spent, nonetheless, to capturing moments in time. What I couldn't capture though were the sounds, of the endless rows of people humming about, or the smells- spices in the spice bazaar, the misty water on the Bosporus, or the sweet taste of locum. I can't wait for the addition of a 'smeller' or a 'taster' to cameras. (Who knows? maybe someday?) Until then, I suppose I need to practice bringing those other sensations to life in camera.

It’s impossible to travel and not consider food part of the experience. You just can’t separate the two. We enjoyed local favorites, like kofte with rice, kebabs and bread, a variety of tea, and yummy baklava. Not to forget the indispensable flavor of simmet and cheese, Turkish pizza, salads, lamb, and olives. The favorite though, was Turkish delight. Primarily made of starch and sugar with a variety of nuts, cream, rose, or fruits, Turkish delight, or 'locum', is a special treat.
The toughest part about the food experience? Picking something from the menu!

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