Saturday, April 21, 2012

We stayed in a cave

This is t he "we stayed in a cave" experience.
How cool is that? Staying over night in a cave! On the recent trip to Turkey, our friends arranged a journey to Cappadocia, where we stayed in a cave! Should I say it again? Ok, just see for yourself....

Christians fled to this area for the empire, long ago, to avoid persecution. During our stay, we took hikes, meandered around 'fairy chimneys', noted the painted cave churches, 
explored, and admired the interior decorating of caves.

Luckily the weather was conducive to our outdoor adventures and in fact we had blue skies the entire time, which was a lovely change from the rain and cold in Istanbul.

Really, an experience of a lifetime- if you're ever in Turkey, be sure to make your way to Cappadocia, and enjoy a cave hotel!

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