Monday, May 21, 2012

Camping De Roos, Netherlands

This weekend, we took the kids to Camping De Roos, and met up with friends there. It's a camping favorite. A place of childhood summer dreams, Camping De Roos never fails to make us want to stay longer. In a kick start to the camping season there was more fun to be had in a few days there than some folks pack into an entire summer. This place is exactly what I want my kids to remember about their childhood. Exactly.

Camping De Roos is about fun. Play. Serious play.
Freedom. Outdoors. Adventure. Romping and stomping kind of adventure.
Catching bugs....

....and then making friends with them.
(We made such great friends with the ants that we brought home a full hillside of them in our gear.
They just adored Arleigh's sticky laundry!)

Camping De Roos is about jumping in. All in. Under a golden sun.
Or under a bright blue sky. No matter the temp or time of day.
                                   It's about taking that daring leap forward and not looking back.

Or letting dad go first, to show you how it's done....

Camping De Roos is about setting your kite sail, as high as you can, and then running like the wind through grassy green meadows, past the cows, to keep it there.

It's about kicking back. Sketching in the grass,
or daydreaming at the playground,

 or taking a nap, barefoot in the shade while the birds tweet you into the land of nod.
Camping De Roos is about fun. Endless fun.
Setting off rockets,

dashing bubbles with swords,

It's about getting crazy with your friends, 
or just cruising the campground with them...
  And cruising. Wow! You can ride anywhere around the
Netherlands on two wheels, taking in the fresh scent of pine and honeysuckle, and be
 bedazzled by the simple and sweet views at the same time.
The toughest decision is which way to turn your wheels. Yet no direction ever leads to a bad choice.

Camping De Roos is about spending your 2 euros at the "Sweet Shop" in your pajamas,
to buy bag loads of penny candy and sassafras sticks.
Then swapping treats under the setting sun with your siblings, cause you learned that sassafras
 is more fun to pronounce than to chew on.

De Roos is about hanging out on the dock, looking for fish, and being quite certain that you spotted the biggest one of all, among waters that just glisten, sparkle, and gleam back at you.

It's about nature. The land. Simplicity.

It's about learning to set up a tent. Pack it out. "Leave the place better than you found it." Sorta stuff.

Or, when you're bored. It's about letting your brother pump air into your lungs. Whoo-hooo!

How cool is that? Nothing better I tell ya.
What a way to kick off summer.
Camping De Roos is packed full of sweet childhood memories, just waiting to be uncovered,

and a bunch of happy campers.

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