Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mom's Day

Happy Mamma's Day to all the cool Moms we know! We wish you a day of peace (quiet) and happiness!

Around here it was anything but peaceful, or quiet. Traditional gifts given- for the record:
Emory gave me a basil plant, still trying to stretch through the soil, set in the bottom of a plastic Coke bottle. Stella gave a necklace which she'd hand made at school. Addie painted a small wooden box and filled with with tiny notes of thanks and appreciation. Arleigh is sporting the pin the his teacher undoubtedly made for him to give to mamma. What can I say, he liked it all so much he unwrapped it himself and decided to keep it.

I have said over and over that I don't really love Mother's Day. Ever. If breakfast in bed, I have laundry to do after the kids eat my breakfast and make crumbs and jelly stains on the sheets. If I'm given precious handmade gifts doused with glitter and glue, I have to keep them, and smile kindly, when I really want to dispose of them at the first opportunity. (I know I'm SO evil for admitting that). So this week I snapped a couple of pics that meant Mother's Day to me, without the glitter....

The dandelions that Emory "refills" for me daily to put in the car. They make me sneeze, but I love the thought.

And oh, the little note on the desk blotter " I love my mom"...may I gush?
That's definitely better than glitter.

And best of all, Addie's 'preparation list' that I found in her room, scribbled across her dry erase board.

Need help?
This is what she has decided is "required' for her to go camping....
1) Stomp Rocket with 4 rockets
2) Sea Scope w/ flashlight and zoom
3) Note pad w crayon (pencil) 
4) Book "School of Fear" 
5) Diary (not actually dairy as she spelled it :) 
6) ipod and camera
and of course the "EXTRA DETAILS"
camera charger, goggles, book light, flip flops, rain boots, rag for the sea scope, mom protection
Yeah- you read that right folks. If you're gonna go camping, you better pack your mom protection!
Oh! and, ah-hem, perhaps she decided at the very end, she'd list "shirts".

Good thing she has a mom to pack the rest eh?
Happy Mother's Day!

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