Monday, May 14, 2012

Le Violon Concert

Yep, another violin concert under the belt. This one was held at a school because the original venue (along with the next 2 options) fell through. It was a tiny bit cramped, but as musically wonderful as ever.
Still shots (coming) and video- cause we know you wanted to be there. Of course you did.
Poor Arleigh, slept on top of a desk, as he has been feeling a tad bit under the weather.
No one minded though and the musicians seemed to be happy to send him off to the land of nod.

The videos are small in the post but you can click on the you tube button to take you to a wider version for the life like effect we know you're looking for.

Minuet- with Addie playing in the front far left and Stella on the front far right.
(Please excuse the videography, as he's fired now and we'll have to look for someone new)
The 2 Grenadiers- Addie only, front far left
All of 'em (except Arleigh who was snoozing in the back of the audience) - playing Long Long Ago.
Addie front far left, Emory front left/center, Stella front far right

Hunter's Chorus, Addie only. Same spot as the rest of the concert

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