Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Odd and Random photos for class

There's nothing like a photog class to get the incredibly odd photos downloaded to our computer.
Here's a few from the class and recent challenges, just for fun-
"Beautiful Ugly" challenge - I thought this guy fit the bill....

Le Fleur- I just want to climb in there and slide down the petals...
The "Laundry" photo challenge
Ah- low will be the day that there are not princess hats, and cowboy get ups hanging on our laundry lines.
"Feet" challenge
Ok- actually I submitted a different photo for that, but had to give this one a home, cause Arleigh's shoes may never really find the right feet.

"Reflections challenge" - Had a different one posted there as well, but again, this confused the girls so much that I had to throw it up on the blog. Addie and Stella kept asking where I was, and where Arleigh was when I took this shot. He was waiting on the s'mores in the oven, but the girls, for some reason, though I took the shot from inside the oven. I still can't see from their perspective what they were seeing....

See what I mean though? A lot of really odd photos on the computer now that I never would have taken. I suppose that's the point though- to pick up the camera and shoot something different.
Stay tuned, I'm sure there will be more odd stuff sooner than later.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer's edge...almost there

Can you believe....

Summer fun is almost around the corner?
2 more weeks of school here in Belgium, and then we're off for summer hols. Can't wait!
But not so fast! There are still reports to write, exams to take, and presentations to give.
School's not out until July 1st. (good grief!)

In the meantime, we're counting down.

See you in summer!

Rock the Shot

Happy Father's Day
I took this photo specifically for a photo challenge on "Rock the Shot". Never heard of them?
Check them out at They've got lots of great info, workshops, vendors, and posts, not to mention endless pretty pictures.
Now, I'd like to add here, that when you look at this photo, you couldn't possibly realize what I went through the get it. You see that reflection? It took a lot of maneuvering to lean over the water so far with the camera. (And I was lucky not to have dropped that baby in the water.) I ended up laying in duck poop, and left the scene wet from pond water on my hair and hood. It didn't end there. Oh no. I caved, offering chocolates to our son Emory to stay put. I received umpteen glares from dear husband. And on the way home, I stepped in dog poop.
You know what though? Anything for a shot with dad right now. It means all the more, because we've received word that this military family will soon be on the move again. Next move will result in 1 year without dad. As he goes on a year long 'deployment', I'll be flying solo. So for now, I'm happy to lay down in duck poop if it means having dad in the shot, cause we know, all too soon, that won't be an option.
So, 3 cheers for all the shots with dad in the next several months.
 Happy Father's Day to all the great dads we know!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Father's Day

"Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father!" (L. Child)
Yes, indeed, many voices call him father, though they are not so gentle at 5:30am.
Today is Father's Day in Belgium. (applause please)
Sadly, the dad's in the US have to wait another week.

We celebrated with a family breakfast, (made especially for dad, by dad) and of course, handmade gifts from school. All well done. You make a lovely french toast dear.
Then we spent a little time doing daddy things - like teaching him how to ride a bike.
Don't tell him, but he has a long way to go!

Dad's eat a lot, and all that biking worked up an appetite, So we had to feed him.

And then he wanted to play. Cause that's all dad's ever want to do. So we played, and played and played.

They're lucky to call you dad.
Happy Father's Day Matt!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saturday at the orchard

Our school has an orchard where the kids tend to the trees, study insects, keep bees and obtain honey, pick fruit and make jams, among other charming things. Each year the school asks the children to come help do some extra maintenance on the orchard. We always attend, as it's such a remarkable opportunity to have a school orchard situated so close to us.

This year, a sheep and her 2 lambs were there as well, which made for a little extra fun. After the kids worked on painting the tree trunks with a chalk solution to prohibit insects from climbing the tree to eat the leaves, the kids were welcomed to romp with the sheep a bit. Good fun for a Saturday afternoon.