Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Odd and Random photos for class

There's nothing like a photog class to get the incredibly odd photos downloaded to our computer.
Here's a few from the class and recent challenges, just for fun-
"Beautiful Ugly" challenge - I thought this guy fit the bill....

Le Fleur- I just want to climb in there and slide down the petals...
The "Laundry" photo challenge
Ah- low will be the day that there are not princess hats, and cowboy get ups hanging on our laundry lines.
"Feet" challenge
Ok- actually I submitted a different photo for that, but had to give this one a home, cause Arleigh's shoes may never really find the right feet.

"Reflections challenge" - Had a different one posted there as well, but again, this confused the girls so much that I had to throw it up on the blog. Addie and Stella kept asking where I was, and where Arleigh was when I took this shot. He was waiting on the s'mores in the oven, but the girls, for some reason, though I took the shot from inside the oven. I still can't see from their perspective what they were seeing....

See what I mean though? A lot of really odd photos on the computer now that I never would have taken. I suppose that's the point though- to pick up the camera and shoot something different.
Stay tuned, I'm sure there will be more odd stuff sooner than later.

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