Monday, June 18, 2012

Rock the Shot

Happy Father's Day
I took this photo specifically for a photo challenge on "Rock the Shot". Never heard of them?
Check them out at They've got lots of great info, workshops, vendors, and posts, not to mention endless pretty pictures.
Now, I'd like to add here, that when you look at this photo, you couldn't possibly realize what I went through the get it. You see that reflection? It took a lot of maneuvering to lean over the water so far with the camera. (And I was lucky not to have dropped that baby in the water.) I ended up laying in duck poop, and left the scene wet from pond water on my hair and hood. It didn't end there. Oh no. I caved, offering chocolates to our son Emory to stay put. I received umpteen glares from dear husband. And on the way home, I stepped in dog poop.
You know what though? Anything for a shot with dad right now. It means all the more, because we've received word that this military family will soon be on the move again. Next move will result in 1 year without dad. As he goes on a year long 'deployment', I'll be flying solo. So for now, I'm happy to lay down in duck poop if it means having dad in the shot, cause we know, all too soon, that won't be an option.
So, 3 cheers for all the shots with dad in the next several months.
 Happy Father's Day to all the great dads we know!


Fat Pilot said...

Amazing picture!! I'm not, where will your adventures take YOU next? Where's Matt going and where are you and the kids going to hide out while he's gone? Details! Details!

Mandy said...

Hey there Shellie
We'll be back in Norfolk - He'll go to Bahrain for a year long GSA. It's gonna be one heck of a year in transition...
See you soon!