Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Hofstade domain park today- picnic at the playground, beach time at the lake, and now rest time for 4 very tuckered out young folk....

This is how we 'do' sunblock these days. Otherwise they spend an hour in line, waiting on mom to slather them up. Now mom just does a once over to be sure everything is shiny and SPF'd. It's a good time saver!

The park is nicely divided into a playground, which is also nicely divided into areas for older and younger kids. Addie and Stella prefer the zip line....

 While Emory and Arleigh take to the job of construction in the sand. They really play as if it's their job too!
Wasn't long before we headed to the beach (on a lake).
Arleigh worked SO very hard to 'rescue' this wooden whale. He said he was "saving it because the fish is thirsty and hot". Much to his surprise though, by the time he'd filled his little water can unpteen gazillion times and sprinkled the whale, the hot sun would dry it out again. Arleigh wouldn't give up.
Do you see potential as a biologist for marine life rescue someday? It sure seemed that way.
Meanwhile, Addie's tweenage years seemed to hover me at our towels. She claimed the water was "yucky","not like Guam"(they are SO spoiled), and she creatively tattooed her name over her legs with sand....
But of the crew- this guy was the coolest. It was his "pick" to head to Hofstade today. His hard work to dig out all the sand toys and prep everyone for the trip. Emory was the one to pack sunglasses and carry his entourage along. So I couldn't resist a photo op when he had his towel slung over his neck and was sucking down his ice cream cone with such wild abandon. Truly- he seemed so "cool".
We hope you're having a really cool summer too!

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Love your photos and enjoying your adventure. Hop on over to my blog. You are receiving the Sunshine Blog Award!