Monday, July 2, 2012

Le Tour (Twice!)

Le Tour
On Sunday, we took the kids to watch the Tour de France. Been there done that, but this was the last opportunity to see it live and in person. After this it'll be via tele, and that will be all too sad, because there is simply nothing that compares to the whizzing, buzzing whirl of those cyclists as they zoom past in a flash. The kids will tell you the "voirutre caravan" is the best part. Leading the peleton, their favorite part is the parade of cars throwing out goodies to the crowd.
We watched from a small town called Engis.
We returned home after a great day of watching and waiting for the Tour. I never expected that this morning, the kids would ask to return for the next stage, but in fact, that's just what we did.
We headed out for a second full day of waiting and watching. Here area few snaps of the adventure.
Stella was capturing video. We'll try to get that uploaded to this post soon as well. (It needs a little editing for time's sake :)

A favorite part of the "pre tour" celebration, this biking band in Engis played for the crowd while biking up and down the streets.

Another fav- a couple of clowns- one of whom would do somersaults via bicycle.
The caravan prior to the race is really a ton of fun. Yet there is a lot of waiting around. To keep busy the kids brought games, coloring books, books to read, snacks and Emory decided to keep a "look out" with his binoculors. (Although I'm not sure he was looking in the right place for the cyclists)...
A man standing nearby noted that the kids on the second day, were not able to grab as many "little gifts" from the caravan. We were stuck behind a crowd of older folks and the parade tends to throw out goods mostly to little ones. So the man stepped out into the tour route and shouted at EVERY car passing by in the parade "les enfants! ICI! Petite ICI!" and waddayaknow- the goods started rolling in. For all the spectacle that he made, I was glad the kids gave up some of the treasures to other kids standing nearby. We certainly don't need 8 keychains, 4 magnets, 6 sun hats, and 4 newspapers.
And after lots of waiting, finally, the cyclists came racing by. Really really really quickly. Blink and it's over. A full day spent for less than 10 seconds of motion blur. It's an incredible experience though.

And for added excitement, there was a tire change right in front of us.... (simply amazing at how fast they are off again!)

No doubt about it - plenty of motion blur to last for a few thousand miles. Makes me wanna go for a biek ride,...tomorrow. If the kids don't wake up and ask to go for another stage of the race.


Aloha Pete said...

Julie and I are watching the tour nightly. We DVR it during the day and watch it after dinner. We had just watched the stages that you were at live but we didn't know it. So after watching I deleted the show. The next day Julie tells me that we could see you at a certain roundabout and to go to that spot on the DVR and I told her it was history. Poor timing. It would have been cool to see you and the kids as the peloton flew by.
Nice shots of the SKY riders fixing the flats. Wiggo is looking good so far but Nabilio is still a threat. I think Cadel Evans may have lost the tour yesterday on the HC climb.

Mandy said...

Aw Pete, wish you hadn't deleted! We were waving! I don't think folks who watch it on TV realize just how fast the peleton flashes by. It's incredible. Enjoy the rest of te tour!