Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ommegang 2012

We came. We saw. We left- with great memories. Front row seats this time around, which were perfect for the royal treatment. When the bakers paraded their tarts around, the first stop was to us. The girls each delighted in share of the tarts and passed pieces around to others. The peasants carrying flowers also spotlighted us and we all left with a sweet bundle of flowers in hand. For photography however, this was not crown seating and I’m glad I got the shots that I did last time around. The lighting shed such a color cast over the scenes that it was difficult to capture the show nicely when everything was lit up in reds and oranges.

A few highlights from the "walk about" in the Grande Place~

Always a favorite- the stilt jousting. You never can tell who the last man standing will be!

If you ever happen to find yourself in Belgium in the first week of July, be sure not to miss the Ommegang. Steeped in tradition and colorful costumes, this is a display that's well worth the evening.
For more info on this event you can  CLICK HERE

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