Saturday, July 21, 2012

Robinhood, theatre production for stars

Theatre camp. Yeah. As if we don't have enough drama around this place? Nevertheless, there were 3 spots available and I have 3 kids who needed something to do. So, for 1 week, they sang, danced, learned lines, observed backstage work, rehearsed lines, and, dare I say, gained a teeny bit of acting skill? Stella was about to throw in the towel on night 1, when she went to bed crying that "those acting guys are weird! They have shaved heads, talk funny, and wear armfuls of bracelets...." Emory was in tears as well, stating that he didn't have anything to do all day. Addie continued to offer daily consultations on the lunch served there. "Today it was pizza and a Coke. That's much unhealthier than the ham and cheese sandwich with chips they gave us yesterday..."
Albeit, pizza and Coke, shaved heads, and boredom, they all survived the week. In fact when I offered for them to quite camp midweek, they all declined the offer.

So on Friday, we attended the debut (and final) performance of their drama camp, "Robin hood".
Addie was a horseman. Stella played the part of a forester. Emory was, a stinker- I mean, a skunk.
At the entrance of the theatre, our kids had write ups on the preformace and a bit about themselves. Here's the summary:
and from Stella who was "soe excited".
(And I soe can't wait for my kids to attend an English speaking school and learn to spell correctly).
I love line 4 and 5 as well....

It's probably safe to assume that you aren't going to find anyone from our circus act on screen anytime soon.
But Addie and Stella did actually play the part of extras in a movie now called "Little Glory" which we are still waiting to see. (It's still opening around Europe and has been to a few film festivals but anticipated release isn't for awhile yet). Here's the trailer (our favorite extras are not in the scenes featured here...) Looks like they'll have to wait awhile longer for the 'big break'

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Chris said...

Hi there, you have a lovely, lovely blog, and beautiful photographs. And trust me when I say, life in Ghana would be very different to life in Belgium. The festival looked absolutely stunning. Should you think any further about Ghana, feel free to keep in touch. Kind regards, Chrissie