Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Technopolis- a science and tech museum for children of all ages. I do love this place, but hate the headache I leave with each time we visit. Talk about overstimulation....sound, color, sights, constantly streaming at us until mom calls it quits. The kids however, don't seem to mind at all.
We kicked off this visit with Addie riding high above other museum goers on a bike, on a wire.
Arleigh- isn't sure what to do with chewing gum, but he sure knows how to blow a bubble!
Emory was fascinated with this robot which he commanded well enough to pick up plastic balls and place them on assigned locations.

Stella bounced around, experiencing what weightlessness might feel like. (I think she liked it.)
Addie tested her running speed against that of multiple animals. I'm not sure she fared so well, but A++ for trying, right?

Arleigh could really get hung up on certain stations, like this one, where he seemed fascinated by the movement and momentum of the silver balls.
And this- Stella with a pool stick and billiard ball? Scary- it's just plain scary. 10 years from now she could have a cigar hanging out of her mouth and a beer waiting on a nearby table while she takes down everyone at her game. Ugh- dreadfully frightening!
That may well have been our last visit to Technopolis, but who knows. I say that every time.

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