Friday, August 17, 2012

Camping de Glaciers, Montenvers, Chamonix, L’Aguille du Midi

Day 3- Camping de Glaciers, Montenvers, Chamonix, L’Aguille du Midi cable car ride to the top of Europe - a bird's eye view

Quote of the day: “I’d work for peanuts to fly here.” (Matt)

We climbed high through the jagged mountains on a spectacular ride along the edges of deep gorges and forbidding passes of the Chamonix range, where the town below, Mont Blanc seemed to be completely tucked away and far beyond our reach.

The sensation offered by the cable car ride as it lifted us higher and higher was more like wing walking than taking a lift.
The cables and the cars swinging from them seemed to errily disappear into the mountain fog.

We meandered around ice caves near the peaks and small cave museums to commemorate the adventurous (and possibly insane) climbers who have taken to these peaks. “That’s really stupid. To go out there with only chalk and your shoes? Crazy.” I commented to Stella. “It’s not stupid if you can do it.” she replied.  (Gulp.)

This must be as close to heaven as a soul can get. We stayed on the peak spotting small base camp tents, mountain climbers prepping to make their way across the snow, all the while supporting various versions of the kids whining “I’m Coooooollllllldddddd. Brrrrr.” It was chilly, but what do you expect at 4800 + meters into the sky? Suck it up kiddos, cause this is as close as your little halo is gonna get to heaven today.

We played on the mountains all day. From one level of the Aguille du Midi, we took a brief hike to a mountain lake. After retunring back to the valley, we headed up again via train on another side of the range so that we could get a good look at a glacier. It's worth mentioning that if you plan to visit the area, and play on the Chamonix range all day, invest in a Mont Blanc pass. It'll pay off.

The day was topped off with a mountain luge ride. Serious fun. Back at the camp we made dinner and snuggled in for bed.


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