Friday, August 17, 2012

Camping Grubhof, Austria

Day 5- Camping Grubhof, Austria
Quote of the day “Arleigh your breath smells like combo pizza.” (Stella at bedtime).

This place was a bit like a camper van resort. We arrived. Checked in. Set toward our campsite and as Matt was backing the trailer in to set up the tent, a little blonde man riding his bike wheeled up to the campsite.
“You can vet de tant heer. Zat OK?” Then he stared at me as if I was as sticky as pig dribble.
“Yes, of course. That’s just what we planned.”

Golly Gee, wouldn’t want to align our tent out of sync with all the other massive camper vans around us now would we? I’m gonna chalk that one up to hospitality. Maybe we weren’t sure where to put a tent on the given campsite? Right? We’re just biased. We prefer tenting to the contrary of most of the population around us here. Caravan/mobile home camping seems like taking a building on vacation. It just doesn’t suit us. To each his own.
But for as grating as that encounter was, the bathhouse was immaculate. The girls made a new friend of a gal from the UK whose mother chatted with me a bit, referring to the bathhouse as “delightful” and “pristine”. It made me want to hide out in the bathroom. Our camping guide book refers to this bathroom as “a loo lovers dream”. It certainly wasn't your run-of-the-mill campground bathroom. Seriously, see for yourself…..

 the entrance way to the bathhouse-

The campground is actually set in the former gardens of an ancient castle and would have been quite lovely if they hadn’t packed campers in to tight. Ah well, a least we could look forward to a great shower.
The kids played in the river a bit and we settled in for a few days in Austria.

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