Thursday, August 16, 2012

The return home to Belgium

Day 14~ return home to Belgium - Estimated time for travel 7 .5 hours. Actual driving time 12 hours.
German traffic is your car’s worst nightmare.
Quote of the day “Ob Ost Ob West to hus is best!” (In East or West The Home is Best)- inscription
on home in Falkenburg

There is nothing worse than accelerating onto the autobahn in Germany, and then running smack into a bottleneck. Like offering a rabbit a carrot and then jerking the treat away. Yet it’s quite a common phenomenon on the autobahn. The lack of speed limit (in specific areas) means nothing in Germany because cars inevitably wind up in traffic jams all over the country. Driving on the autobahn is like going from mobile hysteria to sudden death in 5 seconds flat. Gee willickers. We wasted 4 hours of our lives in pitiless German traffic jams on our return to Belgium. Pee stops accounted for the rest of our hang up. And so the GPS piped out instructions for the journey ending our travel just the way it all began “Turn around when possible.”
At least this time our direction was homeward bound.

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