Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Flower Carpet Grande Place

Our summer vacation began in Belgium and we returned home sweet home to the finale of our trip, the flower carpet in the Grande Place. Day 14 of summer vacation.
This year's carpet theme is Africa. The flower- begonias. Belgium cultivates 60 million begonia tubers every year, and is recognized as the world’s largest producer. Who knew? Whilst the camping laundry dried in the lovely summer sun, we wandered down to the Grande Place along with  gazillion other strangers from all over the world to lay our eyes upon a boat load of flowers decorating the entire Place area. It was packed (with both begonias and people).

Today was among the warmest days we've had this year, so the kids weren't exactly tolerant of the crowds or temperatures. This was nothing a little ice cream cone couldn't fix though.

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