Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Looking for someone?

Were you looking for someone? Us? The Hill family? Sorry we've missed you. We've been on vacation, but we're back now and have lots to share. Stay tuned! An explosion of blog posts to follow~
In the meantime, here are some random vacation facts from our European loop...

  • 217 = the number of times we had to make stops for someone to pee
  • 1= the number of times Matt's work phone rang
  • 4 + 1 bun bun = the number of children in tow who ran about mountain tops and city streets and were returned safely (this people, is a monumental task)
  • cost of gas on average 1.60 euro /liter
  • number of photos taken- yet to be determined
  • Children singing "Do a deer, a female deer..."and "Favorite things" is in fact, not fun after exactly 17 minutes
  • countries visited- (9) = Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands
  • 4840 meters = highest point reached on our trip
  • lowest point= dual sleeping bag wettings at 3am in Vienna campground
  • GORP= the new family favorite camping meal (email us for recipe)
  • free flowing toilet paper is a marvelous thing; sometimes hard to find (or not at all available- and in this we have come to appreciate the much finer side of travel)
  • 427 = amount in Euro spent on shelter/campground fees over the 2 weeks
  • miles covered= a lot

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jamie said...

Does "4 + 1 bun bun" mean you are expecting - i.e. a bun in the oven? Or is that a toy bunny?? I've been scouring your blog to see if I've missed a big announcement. No luck. You're just going to have to come out and say it. said...

Hi Jamie! Great to hear from you!
No not expecting. Bun bun is Arleigh's "do do" as they say here...his little snuggly bunny blanket which has been drug across sidewalks of Florence, seen the Eiffel Tour, and now, a bunch more of Europe. It's an amazing thing that we still have bun bun in tow!
No bun in the oven though, and Matt's heading to Bahrain soon and I may be making the move home aloe with the kids, so um, that would be really tough timing!

jamie said...

Ha ha ha. Makes sense now.

You guys have so much energy. I know how hard it is to travel with four kids. You've got lucky kids that you're so willing to sacrifice to give them these experience.