Friday, August 31, 2012

Mercedes Museum, Germany

On our tag-a-long trip to Germany with Matt, who was at Stuttgart for work, we decided to make a detour on our way home and head to the Mercedes Museum. Emory loved it the cars and sound effects. The girls liked the photographs showing events of the eras related to the models of cars through history. Arleigh loved the elevator, which resembled an ugly, futuristic time capsule that rockets visitors to the top of the museum so they can wander down in a spiraling manner back to the entrance desk. 

The building is massive, and they boast their brand over an entire city block including a sports arena there, among other things. But now, when you buy a Mercedes, I know where your money goes- It lands in this museum. There are tons of cars, buses, trucks, race cars, and people dressed in steward like pant suits walking around eyeing the visitors' every move to be sure they don't smudge anything.


Loved photographing something new. This time to subject was shiny, fun to look at, and remained still. The complete opposite of the monkeys that I'm usually chasing after with a camera. (OK, admittedly, the monkeys made it into the Mercedes photos here and there as well).

A few years yet Arleigh- give it time buddy. You'll be behind the wheel of a car all too soon.
(Not likely a Mercedes unless you win a lotto, nevertheless, an auto.)

When our visit of the museum was over, we headed back to our crumb filled Chevy Traverse and rolled away. Unless someone is gonna hand over a Mercedes on a silver platter, I have to admit, I'm not all that interested. A car is a car- the more reliable, the more efficient, the better.
Nevertheless, the place was definitely eye candy for the car connoisseur.

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Sakin said...

What a beautiful museum...