Friday, August 17, 2012

Salzburg Austria, Hellbrun Palace and the Trick Fountains

Day 6- Camping Grubhof, Salzburg Austria, Hellbrun Palace and the Trick Fountains

Quote of the day “Oh yuck! Arleigh’s sleeping bag smells like okra!” (Addie)

crepes for breakfast....

Everyone says to “do the Sound of Music tour” in Salzburg. We just couldn’t bring ourselves to do it. We’re more “When in Rome” kinda folks and stereotypically speaking, Salzburg locals don’t really dig the whole Sound of Music thing. We did visit the Abbey, but otherwise ventured other directions. We kept it a low key day, touring the city on foot and then hopping a bus to the Hellbrun Palace to cool off in the trick fountains. Great fun if you’re in Salzburg area on a hot day.

special chocolates from Salzburg

I took endless photos of folks, young and old alike, dressed in Lederhosen and traditional garb. We didn't realize that they still wear such dress to do daily tasks like shopping and dining, but apparently they do in these parts.

There is no shortage of bicycles in Salzburg either. But we're used to seeing huge bike parking lots nowadays.

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