Friday, September 28, 2012

4th year Birthday Wishes

Oh my. I can remember when our oldest was just turning 5 years old and I felt that she might as well be walking out the door to college. Now the youngest is going to be 4 years old and I'm wondering who pushed fast forward on the clock?
Arleigh is quite looking forward to his big birthday and he's compiled a special wish list for our family. His top wishes are posted here, below.  I love how simple these wishes are....
  •  a birthday cake with candles
  • some presents to unwrap
  •  bubble blow
  •  a bag of candy
  •  a bunny costume
  •  a jar of flowers
Love that! We'll be working hard to be sure these birthday dreams come true. In the meantime, Arleigh, slow down please? No need to rush the growth chart my child! 

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