Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back to School

First time in almost 4 years that I remembered to pull out the camera on the first day of school.
With school lunches, first day anxieties, and wrestling kids from their beds in the early morning wake up, I can never seem to find it important enough to stop and take a snapshot.
It was a conscientious move this time as we'll have lots of changes and adjustments in the next year.
From here on out our lives seem to be more focused on enjoying what we have together as a family at this moment. Today, it was the insane prep to head out the door into a world of adventure at school....
Arleigh- age 3, pre-K "Matrenelle"
Emory age 6, grade 2
Stella age 8, grade 3
Addie age 9, grade 4
Good luck guys!

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