Friday, September 28, 2012

Cornfield Fun

We haven't been able to get to our 'pick your own' farm yet this season. We're hoping perhaps this weekend, but the schedule is always running tighter than intended. Hopefully soon.
Today, for no good reason, we romped through a corn field. Corn in Europe, is not usually harvested for people to eat. Rather, more often, it is used to feed animals. Therefor, it's still on the stalk until well into the autumn season.

This corn field just happened to be en route to where we were headed, so stopping for a quick game of hide and seek was no big deal....


In the US, I'm not sure most farmers would necessarily care for some kids stomping through their fields. Who knows? But in this case, the farmer passed by on his tractor and waved. He was busy harvesting huge potato piles, as big as houses, to soon be made into Belgian frittes.
We hope the animals enjoy their corn on the cob, for we certainly enjoyed a few minutes in the field!

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