Thursday, September 6, 2012

Double digits -She's 10!

Addie, 10. It's incredible. I swear those contractions back in San Diego seem like only a week ago.

We started the day of celebration in double digit life with a 1/2 day at school. Breakfast in bed traditions were sadly postponed over the morning school rush. After school Addie, in true form, set out to bake cookies for her class to share for her birthday. While she was stirring the pot for icing I couldn't help but to notice how grown up she seemed- cooking over the stove in a big apron, calmly attending to her little brothers when they screamed, helping Stella to restock our kitchen spice rack...ugh, she's really growing up.

One of her favorites for dinner- chicken pot pie, especially made today and stamped with a big 1-0.
  After dinner- cake and paddywhack time....

Addie the last 10 years have flown by, and I'm bracing myself for the next 10. I hope that you always
continue to keep an open mind. This has afforded you the opportunity to live in another country and visit 20 others. Along with hard work, it's given you the gift of a second language and the ability to connect with people from diverse cultures. May you always have an open mind.
You began school in Montessori, where you learned to think for yourself. Thinking for yourself and positively inquiring with an open mind, will take you places that perhaps no one could have imagined.
I pray that you stay safe and healthy. Be aware of your surroundings and continue to use your body with physical activity. Whether tennis or swimming ,challenging yourself in another running race, or learning something new,  know that there will always be someone faster and someone slower. Someone more powerful and probably someone struggling as well. The only thing that matters is you and your quest to keep your body healthy and strong. Looking at the changes in you from birth until now is nothing short of amazing. You were beautiful when you were crinkly and crying in the delivery room and you are beautiful now and every moment in-between. Please don't let society hover over you or mold you into something you think you should be. You were made to be the way you are supposed to be.

 Remember that YOU are in charge of YOU. Always.
This goes for your actions and your reactions, to everything and everyone.
It's tough to master, especially when the world around you tends to forget, using fingers to point in all directions and naming others often to blame.
When someone else makes a bad decision, YOU get to choose how to react.
When someone else makes a good decision, YOU choose how to act.
When you make a good decision, YOU are in charge of you.
When you make a bad decision, YOU chose how to act.
As Eleanor Roosevelt said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."
You are in charge of You.
You chose whether to wear a smile each day or sulk in misery.
Your thumb. Addie you are in charge of you.
You may chose whether to pick your socks up off the floor of walk over them 20 times.
In your teens, you will surely choose whether to attend 'that party', or be with 'that crowd', 'date the cute guy', or walk away. You are in charge of you.
You choose whether to walk past someone else suffering or ask what you can do to help. This is always your choice.

 Your love of reading is such a gift. Books can take you places like nothing else in the world. The ability to connect with a character, or understand a heady plot can be a complete joy. Never stop reading. It's entertainment for both your soul and your brain.
I think you're gonna love the birthday gift the family bought for you. I'm sure they feel the same and encourage you to continue your passion of books.
Don't ever let me, or anyone else, stop you from doing what you're passionate about.
Continue to follow your passions. Always. If it seems like you're knocking and no one is answering, but you still want to walk through a threshold, knock again. And again. Stay with your passions.

Know that we love you Addie. You have a great big family around you that loves you and will always have arms open for you, as you step ahead into the adventures of your next 10 years.
We love you from head to toe. Happy birthday!

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