Monday, September 24, 2012

They deliver....

It's old news that Matt was hit by a car this summer while riding his classic Cannondale bike to work.
Getting hit by a car seems to be a right of passage in Brussels. He lived to tell that tale, but his bike was totaled. Since that accident, life as we knew it ceased to exist. Dear husband seemed to mourn the loss of his 20+ year old bike. ( I mourned the purple but inevitable yucky scar left on his cheek....That's not nice is it?)
Well, anyway, he scoured the internet. Researched shipping. Priced bikes in shops across the country while the rest of us sat in a blazing hot car and waited outside as he perused bike frames, seats, and the cute girl in bike shorts behind the bike shop counter.
Eventually, after long debate and endless conversation about replacements, Ridley put me out of my misery. Thank you Ridley bikes. A Belgian company, Ridley delivers your new bike to your door (if you happen to live in Belgium that is.) Guess what? We happen to still live here, so isn't he lucky to have been hit by that car?

Just like the purple scar, it's a lovely parting gift, courtesy of the man paying no attention in the black Mercedes. Thank you.
And thank you as well Ridley. May peace and happiness be restored to our home.
Now cruise on dear. Cruise on!

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