Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wildberg Camping

We went in tow with Matt this week while he worked in Stuttgart. We decided to camp instead of staying in a hotel because the hotel costs on base have become outrageous. So, after a bit of searching, we came upon a little place not far from Stuttgart, called Wildberg. Situated along a lovely little river and nestled at the edge of 100+km of bike paths which straddle the waterways, we decided this might just work.

The bike path was just as easy as could be and the smell of the apples from the lingering apple trees made for a dreamy ride. The town of Wildberg is quite small, but the houses are quaint, the bridges are decorated with elaborate flower boxes overflowing with arrangements that tease and dangle over the bridge railing as if to dip into the river below.

In the evening, on our way back from dinner, we passed by a man on his Dutch bike, riding against the backdrop of a pink sunset though  expansive country apple orchards. We watched him for awhile and noted that those scenes are the ones that we wouldn't have taken in if we'd have stayed in a hotel . The type of thing we're not likely to see in the US, those are the glimpses that we'll miss most about Europe. In a blink, that sort of scene pulls us back to a bygone era, far from ipads and cell phones.

Days were spent biking, swimming at the camp pool, and when the weather came into question, we headed to the base to a craft shop where the kids could paint pottery.

Addie decorated egg cups, as a current family favorite breakfast is a "soft boiled egg and soldiers".

Stella loves giraffes, and thought the giraffe mug would suit her perfectly. Sadly, the boys misbehaved and lost their privilege to paint pottery. So they colored in books in a nearby room, waiting anxiously for their sisters to finish.
We were lucky to make one last trip to Stuttgart with Matt. He'll surely return there for work again, over the next few months, but it' s unlikely that we'll be able to join in on the travel because of the busy school schedule and upcoming move. We're truly grateful for those sort of journeys though and will continue to savor every last minute together in Europe while we can. Cheers!

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