Wednesday, October 3, 2012

All the way from Singapore

We have friends who we met here, about 4 years ago. They attended the same school initally and were a huge resource of help, advice, and support. Eventaully, as it seems everyone does in Brussels, they up and moved away. To Singapore. We've only had a chance to visit briefly once since then, but we keep in contact via emails and our family blogs. We were thrilled to have such great friends drop in for a visit with us, on their travels. We hope, very much, to see them next, either in Toronto or perhaps Virginia...who knows, maybe someday in Singapore?
We had a traditional sushi making party and then headed out to a new, local, pick-your-own farm. Great fun on a lovely sunny day here in Belgium. A good time all around.....
You are all growing like sunflowers. Wild, bright, and happy as can be. We're looking forward to seeing you guys again! Keep in touch!

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The Mommy said...

Great fun! A beautiful time together! Thanks so much and look forward to seeing you all again soon too! Best wishes, big hugs and keep growing beautifully! Kim et famille