Monday, October 15, 2012

The Whirlwind Trip

They said they wanted to squeeze in as much as possible. I said "You'll be tired"
They said they wanted to see Paris, Brussels, Brugge, Amsterdam, castles, and initially, London, in 12 days.
I said, "You'll be tired."
Cousin Lauren's teachers gave the OK for her to miss school and take on the experience of a lifetime.
I'm so glad, cause there's a lot of things that you just can't learn from turning the pages of a book.

It wasn't long before they arrived. They hit the ground running and they stayed running, with only the occasional indication of fatigue. Amazing travelers our Aunt Christy and Cousin Lauren! They never seemed to get tired.
 They battled the crowds at Versailles, climbed the stairs of the Arc de Triomphe for a glimpse at a twinkling Eiffel Tower, snuck a peek at Moulin Rouge and Notre Dame, and said a passing "hello" to Mona Lisa.

But despite aching feet and dreary weather, they pressed onward and upward to more new and exciting destinations. Next up- castle visits....
And yet, they wanted to travel on and to continue to see as much as possible. Additionally they visited Brugge, Breendonk concentration camp, and then took a 'girls trip' to Amsterdam....
So in the city of bikes and canals, they visited the Anne Frank house museum, took a canal cruise, and viewed  Rembrandt's work in the Rijksmuseum.
The tulips weren't in seasonal bloom over the fields, but the Bloomenmarket was alive and kickn' where we'll have to say they tip-toed through the tulips (in their own way).
 They spent very little downtime. If we could, we'd have them stay another 2 weeks and we'd take them to see even more, but alas, they need to return home again.
The family misses them.

Needless to say, we're glad they came with so much enthusiasm.
We're gonna miss them too!

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The Mommy said...

Wonderful! What a fantastic experience! You are such an amazing host family! xo