Thursday, October 25, 2012

TTE Designs

Tammie Everly must be one of the most crafty, creative people I know. She created TTE Designs and let me tell you how lucky I am that she focused a slice of her artistic creativity into jewelry!
I met Tammie eons ago in Norfolk, VA. Same squadron, Navy spouses, etc. She has always boasted a fun attitude, positive outlook, and endless creative juice.
A former nurse, Tammie has since supported me in a full assortment of ways- from writing a recommendation letter for me to sitting bedside in a hospital in Guam (ugh-  poor Tammie).
Her most recent, incredible, gift of friendship and salvage, happened to be found within, of all places, my jewelry box.
I had collected, over the years, lots of costume, commercial jewelry that truly didn't amount to much financial worth, but was special for one reason or another. Over time, an earring lost here, a broken clasp there, the sets of jewelry began to break down into almost nothing that I could wear together. I came to the point at which I needed to decide if I should just toss it all, or look for someone who might be able to salvage it. Or at the very least, if it couldn't be salvaged, I thought perhaps someone artistic might reuse it somehow. Can I help it if I'm a recycler at heart?

A fan of salvage, flea markets, and re gifting life to used or old things when possible I began to seek a solution for this sad box of what amounted to junk. So, picking up the camera, I laid out about 20 sets of jewelry and took detailed photos on grey cards to help give accurate colors to the photos. I contacted a full list of people from business cards I'd been given by family and friends who attended jewelry shows or festivals, emailing the photos and explanation to small shop owners, Etsy shops, and others. Almost everyone said they could fix things, but admittedly, I didn't like how they prepared to do it, or I'd have had to spend the kids college savings. There were suggestions for repair to include "I'd be happy to replace that clasp on your black necklace, but all I have in stock are orange ones, is that OK?" or "I can fix it for you, but I won't ship APO, so you'll have to wait until you return to the US" (Seriously?) For a time, I just gave up and let it all continue to sit.

Of all people, dear husband mentioned that Tammie had a jewelry business. He recommended that I email her. (That's how it is when you're not a Facebook lovin' gal- you have to get the scoop from hubby). Long story short, in the middle of a military move, Tammie kindly took on my sorry jewelry box full of odds and ends and gave it all a sparkling new life. What she did is a testament to her skill, creativity, resourcefulness, and talent. Don't believe me? Check out her blog with photos of the pieces and her handiwork.  and here

Her specialty isn't necessarily to repair your jewelry, as she did for me, though quite obviously she can do just about anything! She's crafted lots of jewelry and has a lovely store for you to check out. If you're looking for a great gift of jewelry for yourself or a friend, I highly recommend Tammie.
The holidays are coming up! Give her a shout! (at her blog page chok-full of craftiness) Or browse her Etsy store here.   You can purchase her talent on ArtFire as well - click here.
Thanks again Tammie- you're amazing.

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Tammie said...

OMGoodness Mandy, I just ran across this and ~I am so humbled [& blushing]. Thank you for your praise and kind comments. I was happy to help you, because I know those pieces were meaningful to you. The Navy takes away a lot from our men and our families, but it does give us the chance to make many friends in many places. I'm glad we have had that opportunity more than once :-). Thanks again.
Warmest Regards,