Monday, December 10, 2012

Saint Nicolaus came!

So this week was the week of St Nick.
As instructed (at school) they cleaned their boots and set them in the chimney in hopes that they'd wake to find the boots filled with candy, toys, and clementines.
St Nick helped us out by delivering some packaged on Santa's behalf this year as well
(to lighten Santa's load in a sense).
So, packages were opened, though I was snapping photos while still asleep I think. There were almost no photos to even remotely resembled what took place.

We also let the kids open a few that had already arrived from Aunt Betsy...and this means Stella opened her big gift request. The Kindle.
Thanks to all the family who pitched in on this for her and to Aunt Betsy and Uncle Alex for setting everything up. She's thrilled!

Then it was off to school. No time to play with new toys- like all the other Belgian kids, there was no time to waste, as the school bell wouldn't hold up, even on a special day like this.
So off to school, but lo and behold, St Nick showed up at the gates.

Saint Nicolas, patron des écoliers,
Apportez-moi du sucre dans mon petit panier.
Je serai toujours sage comme un petit mouton,
Je dirai mes prières pour avoir des bonbons.
Venez, venez Saint Nicolas!
Venez, venez Saint Nicolas!
Venez Saint Nicolas!
To hear the patron song, which I continue to hear the kids sing over and over and over and over, click here. ('cause I know you're dying to hear what's been ringing in my ears over the last 2 weeks)
Saint Nicolas, patron saint of school kids,
Bring me some sugar for my basket.
I'll will always be good like a little lamb,
I always say my prayers, to get sweets.
Come, come Saint Nicolas!
Come, come Saint Nicolas!
Come Saint Nicolas!

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