Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wish list

The kids made up their Santa wish lists and sent them off weeks ago.
Emory keeps rewriting his list though, making addendums, footnotes, and clarifications, just to be sure there are no mistakes or misunderstandings. After all, it is Christmas and the stakes are high.
His list incorporates a lot of typical things that any 6 year old boy might hope for;
a hot wheels race track, bat man books, tops. And he lists some things we never knew he cared about, or already has, but is perhaps to lazy to find among the Amazon of his bedroom? Those include "a hair brush" and "A Bat Man costume".

But my favorite- perhaps of all time, the pinnacle of his hopes and dreams for Christmas morning?

A magic wand.

And he clarifies that request. No, not just any old wand. Not just a magic wand. No stupid magic starter kit, or cheeky girls baton. Don't misunderstand. His clarification is printed in bold, (and misspelled) words.


I'm framing this one. Who wouldn't want "a magic wand, that really works"?
Imagine what we could do in this world with a magic wand, that really works?
And Stella's list includes "A Narnia Closet", a "Very big monkey" (like sweetheart's) and "Some of your magic".
Sure enough, those will be under the tree, just beside the genie in the lamp, the magic carpet, and the magical spells book. (that all really work as well)
At least they dream big. I hope they always dream big.
Here's hoping that all your Christmas wishes and dream come true too.

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