Monday, January 21, 2013


We're back.
Back to blogging (at least for a bit), back in Belgium, back to a routine-for a short period of time. With an upcoming international move and a whole lotta change gonna happen in our lives this year, life feels like it's gonna be a uphill battle through 2013. That said, for the day, we spent a little time heading downhill instead. Luckily we had a new blanket of snow, we happen to know that Woluwe Park rocks for sledding, and we happened to have a chilly day with nothing better to do (after homework of course). Here are several of the snaps....

The park was filled with winter-goers of all sorts, from families out sledding to snuggling couples, snowboarding teens, to friends who devised multiple ways to ride downhill - using garbage bags, inner tubes, mini skis, and plain ol' snow pants do the trick.

This lil pup gave his owners a head start every time. And every run down the hill he raced to catch them. For such little legs, that doggie knew how to use 'em!

I've been in a funk. This move is going to be a serious trial and will definitely entail turbulence.
For those who haven't heard, there are a ton of other factors at play, but this is the very quick and dirty version....
Year 1- move to US with 4 kids while husband Matt is away in "training" until July and then continues training at a slightly closer proximity until Jan 2014
Year 2- Matt goes to a hot, dry, sandy place in the interest of "restoring peace" for a year while we test our feet back on US soil
Year 3- We welcome Matt back again and try to work him back into our lives as best as possible
Year 4- He goes for another year to that hot dry place and we wait it out for the year....
Lots of flying solo for me, and single parenting. Lots of adjusting. Lots of grinning and baring.

But like the snow, we need to enjoy Belgium while it lasts. Here's to making the best of the last weeks in this great place We've had a great run of it!