Friday, April 5, 2013

Bo-Diggity-Dogs traveling around the world

We've heard of people abandoning their pets for a variety of reasons. We're just not that abandoning type.
Nope. For better or worse, we've invested a lot of money, effort, and time, into taking the family with us- the entire family....even the diggity dogs.
We left America with 2 dogs, Dudley, a bearded collie and Daisy, a chocolate lab. Daisy made it as far as Guam and Belgium and then she'd had enough and we had to say good bye to her. Eventually we adopted Bernie, a Bernease mountain dog, here in Belgium. Dudley has hung in there, every step of the way. He's spent more time on airplanes than most Americans and he might very well be one of the United State's most travelled dogs. At close to 15 years of age, he has logged over 40,000 miles in flight.
So it was a bit ironic that he flew home, very close to where he was born, to make a final circle of the globe. We're not going to ask him to do anymore travel by air now that he's landed safely in the US.

We're thrilled to announce that the diggity dogs both made the trip successfully and will staying with a military foster care family that we found through net, a non profit organization dedicated to helping military and disaster relief families with their pets.
This is a huge service for those of us who need a little help with our furry friends during times of transition like this. Please take a minute to note their webpage and consider a donation. We can't wait to have Dudley and Bernie back with us in the same place, but until then, we're incredibly thankful to the foster families who have opened their homes to help military folks like ourselves during this moving season! We've never really needed to depend on a foster family through our travels, so we're very grateful that this program was available when we really did need some help.


Tammie Everly said...

Glad for the update, I've been thinking about you all recently and wondering how it was going and hoping it is working out as well as it can. WOW ~ Dudley is 15? That's amazing... Keep posting here once in a while so we can follow your progress. Take care, Tammie

mandy said...

Thanks Tammie-
The camera should be back soon, and hopefully then will resume posting at a more regular schedule.