Friday, April 5, 2013

We've been kicked out

(for local readers, this cartoon pic is painted at St Catherine's Place in Brussels)

Ok, not really exactly kicked out. But kind of. We asked (three times) to stay until the end of the school year. But the answer was a strong "No"! We asked to for various orders, but the answer was always "sorry". We asked to keep our Belgian IDs for keepsakes (suggesting they might be made defective via a hole punch in the same way our expired passports had been returned to us as keepsakes), but alas, "no can do", which felt more like "get the heck out of here".
We've loved our time in Belgium. We traveled, met amazing people, learned languages, and most importantly opened our hearts and minds to a completely new world. To live in another country as an expat is definitely not the same as visiting as a tourist. We're entirely grateful for our time and experience here. Sadly though, it's time to go. We've been kicked out.

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The Mommy said...

Dear Mandy et famille! what a special place we never dreamed of living in but are so glad we did! still miss it! Onwards and upwards and looking forward to seeing you on another continent in the near future! best wishes and big hugs during this transitional time, Kim et famille