Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day, 100 + calories saved

Arleigh babbled on and on about he was making the "biggest" Mother's day gift at school. Each week he did something special. Early on, he talked all about making the secret creamy chocolate sauce and having to measure the butter and sugar with his teachers. A week later he rambled about decorating a fancy jar and how beautiful it was. The next week he talked incessantly about baking cookies into a heart shape. Ohhh these were fabulous cookies, and a big surprise! "Shhh, it's a secret"!
Days later, he talked about wrapping the gift- how lovely the paper was that he'd drawn pictures all over. The surprise was wrapped in the utter elegance of a 4 year old's markings. It was just about more than any mom could take. I was just dripping in anticipation I tell you.
Last week, all I heard about was a count down "Three days until I bring home the big surprise!"...."Only one more day mom, until the Surprise will come home with me!"
Finally, the treasure of all Mother's Day treasures came home.
And it lasted, less than 5 minutes.
That's right. After hours of endless discussion about the grande gift, it sat on the table only 5 minutes (long enough for Arleigh to hang up his coat, wash his hands, and eat an after school snack) before Arleigh tore open the big secret Mother's Day gift and began dipping heart shaped cookies into a soft chocolate sauce contained his a decorated jar. He was kind enough to share with his siblings and a visiting friend, and then explained that I might like to keep the (empty) jar. Nice eh?
Classic Mother's Day.

Happy Mom's Day to all of our favorite mothers out there!

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