Tuesday, May 28, 2013

No, not 'Au revoir Belgique'

A mom from school and good friend, Arna, made this cake for the kids as a farewell gift. Isn't it beautiful? We were so taken by her kindness, to make something so special (and yummy!) for us on our departure. Over the course of several days, we're enjoying every last bit of this. Though over those same days, we chatted a lot about our time here, and adjustments coming to "the new county", America. For the kids, America is essentially "a new country" and they don't remember much at all about the culture. They know they miss their family there, but that's about all.

When we arrived, I'd gathered some travel books on Belgium. One of the authors in those books recommended that visitors don't try to do every attraction in every place, or try to see everything in Europe on one trip. His recommended approach was instead, to 'visit as if you know you will come back' as such an attitude makes it much more enjoyable.

Chatting with the kids over cake, we realized that it's not going to be an 'au revoir' for us. No, we're not saying good bye to Belgium. We just can't. We have too many special memories and have had too wonderful a time to let it just slip away in to the past. For us the only way to leave (without causing a major scene in the airport) is to know that we'll come back. As the kids are shedding tears,  I find myself constantly promising, we will be back, and Belgium will still be here. So instead, we're saying 'we'll see you soon'. "Bientot Belgique!"
And in the meantime, we're gonna enjoy the last little sweet piece of Belgium.

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