Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rail Bikes

Today was a public holiday in Belgium. and thus a day of no school. So we ventured out with the intention to do something that we can't easily do in the US. We miss our bikes, packed away in the move, and so we wound up at Rail Bikes. Belgium has several rail bike lines that run on old railroad tracks. We peddled a busy 14 km today, everyone taking turns to rest or peddle.
Well, except the little guy, who couldn't actually reach the peddles. He said he'd "like to rail bike 100 more times" though. Apparently it's just that much fun to ride along and watch everyone else do the work.
The journey winds through tunnels, over roadways, bridges and streams, past chateaus, old train depots which are now converted cafes, beckoning bikers in for a little snack.
And it's not expensive, a refreshing change of pace overall. 
 Emory plunked himself down right on the old train track, front and center of a rail car to eat his lunch.
Overall though, the highlight for the kids? Watching the men on each end of the trip rotate the bikes to make them go back in the other direction. I think the boys could have watched every single car be turned on the tracks. Emory seemed to be studying each gear, lever, switch, and crank. I'm fairly certain he'd have been happy to be left behind watching this guy work all day.

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