Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Tuesdays with Madame Christine.
Today was our last lunch together on Tuesdays for awhile.
We've shared many fantastic (and some occasional rainy mundane) lunches together.
She told me today that she was so glad that I brought Arleigh along every time, even after he started school, because he brightened her day so much. She's shared fabulous recipe secrets and taught me how to prep dozens of Belgian dishes. Today she declared that we were both lucky to have "given the gift of taste and discovery" when we made meals to share. I will cherish the Belgian dishes she shared and taught me to make. She tried very hard to improve our French, though I do think I'm a lost cause these days. If it wasn't for Christine and her husband, we wouldn't probably never have visited Honfleur, Deauville, Quiberon, and Saint-Malo, yet those places turned out to be some of our favorites of all our travels and ranking for everyone in our family the top 5 of all our vacations. Through her battle with MS, she has shown incredible determination and courage, teaching us more than any book or classroom could, just through our experiences with her.
But most of all, it was the time. We built a lovely friendship over time. 
I hope our kids have learned from Madame Christine to 'love thy neighbor' as she and her husband are a wonderful example.


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